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I drew from an early age, and I got serious about art in 1995. After painting intensively and successfully for twenty-one years, I got bitten by the mosaic bug and was instantly hooked.

I was lucky to be taught by renowned mosaic artist Mary Gabriel when I worked on the compass rose in Warragul Park.

About my work

I love recycling unwanted articles to make mosaic treasures.

Is there a link between gardening and your creative practice?

I think all gardens look lovely with a mosaic or another work of art in them.

What will you show and share on the day?

I’ll be demonstrating how to mosaic.

What's in your veggie patch?

Strawberries and asparagus, not much else as I have a tiny garden.

Veggie avatar

An apple, firm, crispy and red.

Where will we find you?

I’ll be at Darna
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