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Jindigo Naturals

Goats milk soap and hair and skin care

Jindigo Naturals

Ros Galindo makes goats milk soap and a range of other skin and hair care products on her small property in Jindivick, West Gippsland. She breeds Toggenburg goats. Kids with their mothers twenty-four hours a day, and Ros only takes as much milk as she needs to make her soap.

About my work

I create all-natural skin and hair care products using fresh goat’s milk provided by my small herd of Toggenburg goats at my farm in Jindivick. I replace water with goat’s milk to make vitamin and nutrient-rich skincare products that are highly beneficial for your skin.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram @jindigoats

Is there a link between gardening and your creative practice?

Many of the flowers grown in my garden enhance my soaps. Lavender lends its beautiful scent and calming qualities. Calendula adds skincare benefits for dry skin. We’re also making a range of soothing, healing salves using comfrey and paddock grasses like plantain.

What will you show and share on the day?

I’ll have goat’s milk soap bars, shampoo bars, shaving soap, liquid soap, hand cream, and laundry detergent.

I’ll also have a selection of salves.

What's in your veggie patch?

I grow herbs, but I don’t have a veggie garden. However, I benefit from my son-in-law’s fantastic patch. I have a lot of native plants to attract birds and bees, three apple trees, and peach, a nectarine, and a lemon tree.

Veggie avatar

Baby spinach - it’s low maintenance, easy to get along with, and you can add it to just about any dish.

Where will we find you?

I’ll be in Lowe’s Lifestyle Garden with Jan and Trevor
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