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Paul Stafford

Tree carver

Paul Stafford

Paul creates timber carvings from existing tree stumps and logs. Paul grew up around chainsaws, but he’d never heard of chainsaw sculpting. Then, around twenty years ago, a friend (who knew he could draw) asked him to do a piece for him.

If you’re travelling south from Neerim South, look out for the face of the Norse god Odin and two of his ravens. Paul carved them into the remains of a giant gum tree overlooking Main Neerim Road. Paul works principally on commission.

About my work

I create timber carvings from existing tree stumps and logs. Most of my work is commissioned. I’m passionate about working with timber at its raw state and creating in a realm of endless possibility.

Follow me on Instagram @paulstaffordtreecarver

Is there a link between gardening and your creative practice?

My timber sculptures go hand and hand with the natural environment.

What will you show and share on the day?

I’ll share my inspiration and enjoyment in working outdoors and creating raw art in timber.

What's in your veggie patch?

I like to grow whatever I can.

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Where will we find you?

I’ll be at The Bates Homestead
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