Engage with an (almost) A to Z of amazing creatives

There’s a beekeeper and a winemaker and nearly everyone in between, including – jam makers, jewellers, mosaic makers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, and more. Over thirty gifted Gippsland artists and producers will show and sell their work in fifteen of our region’s loveliest secret gardens.

AgriSolutions champions biologically and economically sustainable agriculture by supporting farmers and gardeners to apply the new NPK principles. Our unique soil management method records and benchmarks your soil health status and measures the Nutrient, Physical and Key biology (NPK) parameters. 

AgriSolutions is backed by over twenty years of scientific research and development and a strong contribution to establishing soil standards at the national, state, and regional levels.


Soil health management

Big Shot Café exists to bring you that unique Melbourne café experience. We love our work. It's socially engaging and intrinsically rewarding to help brighten the day for our fellow coffee lovers.

We're delighted to be part of a grassroots event to promote local creatives and growers, raise awareness and generate inspiring ideas for a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Big Shot Café & Bar

Coffee & Food Van

Dot Thorn

Painter, sculptor, mosaic maker

Friends of Drouin's Trees aims to preserve and enhance our town's indigenous and exotic canopy cover, which is integral to conserving our wildlife. 

We conduct regular bird surveys, working bees, and walks and talks. We also produce educational materials and liaise with regulatory authorities to protect our existing urban trees and plant new ones.

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Friends of Drouin's Trees


Most of my sculptures are made of fired clay or cement. I also work in other mediums like printing and painting. 

You’ll find my work throughout the Baw Baw Shire. The most notable examples are the vegetable sculptures in Bourke St Park Warragul and Pat the Dog at the Yarragon Train Station.

Jessie McLennan


I paint mainly in ‘plein air’ (outdoors). My interest in colour, atmosphere, and the romanticism of outdoor painting is inspired and influenced by J.M.W.Turner, J.J.Hilder, and Blamire Young.

Margaret Trebilcott

Watercolour Painter

Payom Duell

Vegetables and seedlings

Much of my work is about memory and nostalgia. I often depict land in Latrobe Valley to which I have a generational connection.

I design and screen print a range of artworks and tea towels and create pastel pet portraits on commission.   

Find me on Facebook @sharonandersonart and Instagram @sharon.artfx

Sharon Anderson

Painter, Screen Printer, Pastel Drawings

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The Warragul Poultry Club

Poultry breeding & showing

I love recycling unwanted articles to make mosaic treasures.

Alene Bonser


I am an enthusiastic beekeeper who loves teaching other people about responsible beekeeping practices. After all, we're farmers, just on a mini scale, and we have an obligation to care for our livestock. Beekeeping connects me to my community of like-minded people, but it also allows me to have time beside the hive on my own. 

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Check out my training and mentoring programs and discover loads more bee biz at

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping


I'm a self-taught jeweller who has learned by 'trial and error.' I began making jewellery in my early twenties (many, many years ago!). My interest in gemstones and jewellery has never left me, and over the years, I have learned many different techniques. As a jeweller, I work mainly in copper, brass, sterling silver, and alpaca. Sometimes I include semi-precious gemstones that I've cut and polished. My experience working with various materials and tools comes in very handy when I'm creating a mosaic.

Elisabeth Smoorenburg

Jewellery & Mosaic Art

I like to make quirky, silly garden sculptures. It’s weatherproof, waterproof, and guaranteed to add colour and fun.

Graham Duell


I create all-natural skin and hair care products using fresh goat’s milk provided by my small herd of Toggenburg goats at my farm in Jindivick. I replace water with goat’s milk to make vitamin and nutrient-rich skincare products that are highly beneficial for your skin.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram @jindigoats

Jindigo Naturals

Goat’s milk soap, hair, and skincare

I sell my preserves at the Jindivick Country Market and through the Jindivick Progress Association to help support and promote the Jindi community.

Find us on Facebook at Jindivick Country Market (@jindivickcountrymarket) and Jindivick Progress Association (@JindiCommunity)

Nikki's Jams & Preserves

Sauces, preserves, pickles

I go to the studio to play. My creative process is all about the emotion and story behind the art. I work intuitively, letting each layer speak to reveal the story beneath. There will be letters in there somewhere. I respond first and think later. I let the pieces talk via a mark, a layer, a large black brushstroke, flowing pen letters, or a colourful paint fest. 

Find me on Facebook @penonparchment and LinkedIn

Pen on Parchment Calligraphy

Calligrapher – Anita George

Like most spiders, I weave a range of creations. Besides teaching young children, I'm an author, artist, and illustrator. I work in watercolour, acrylics, printmaking, and collage to create bright, bold illustrations for younger readers. 

I also write gripping reads for older readers; that explore friendship, peer pressure, and trust. Try 'Living Next to Dr. Death.' 

I recently expanded my mixed media art to include a decorative calendar and gift card series, printed locally in Drouin using sustainable materials. Last but absolutely not least, I'm a professional artist who makes highly original hair accessories.

Spider Lee

Children's author, artist, illustrator

Barbara Gogerly

Painting and Mosaics

I like the creative process. It makes sense of the world for me. Ideas arise and can be given form. In confronting ‘starkness’ by making physically ‘rough’ sculptures, I sense a path to the underlying richness of life.  What else could one ask of ‘art’?

David Doyle


We’ll be at Green Hills Farm with our range of delectable coffees, herbal teas, and hot chocolates made with a variety of dairy and non-dairy milk.

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Franklin and the Bean

Coffee Van

I love making prints on paper in my small Drouin studio. My work celebrates the natural environment and my love of the Australian wilderness.

 As urban development builds up around my hometown of Drouin, I hope my images of our fragile environment raise awareness in others.

Helen Timbury

Graphic designer, illustrator, and printmaker

Our wine-making philosophy has its roots in a long and diverse background in agriculture. Few things motivate and delight us more than shepherding each vintage on its journey from soil to table. 

Kouark wine is available at Warragul Farmers Market every third Saturday of the month. 

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Kouark Wines


I create timber carvings from existing tree stumps and logs. Most of my work is commissioned. I’m passionate about working with timber at its raw state and creating in a realm of endless possibility.

Follow me on Instagram @paulstaffordtreecarver

Paul Stafford

Tree carver

As a marine biologist (Claire) and a craftsman (Daniel), we're combining our skills to create a range of handcrafted soaps, traditional woodworking, tools, hand-forged goods, and art made from plastic cleaned up from our beaches.

Seafarers look to the past to create a more sustainable future. We're focused on creating sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly products.

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Soap makers, woodworkers, artists

Between us, we produce a wide variety of work. Oskar's focused on more traditional work, including fireside sets, candlestick holders, candelabras, roses, etc. Paul's sculptures tend to be whimsical and modernistic. He makes lilies and other flowers, horses, and spinning objects. Besides sculpture, Paul enjoys working with Damascus steel and making decorative knives.

Find us on Facebook @wandinblacksmiths and Instagram @the_wandin_blacksmiths

The Wandin Blacksmiths