Nikki's Jams & Preserves

Sauces, preserves, pickles

Nikki's Jams & Preserves

Cooking is a love of mine. I enjoy preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables to share with others.

About my work

I sell my preserves at the Jindivick Country Market and through the Jindivick Progress Association to help support and promote the Jindi community.

Find us on Facebook at Jindivick Country Market (@jindivickcountrymarket) and Jindivick Progress Association (@JindiCommunity)

Is there a link between gardening and your creative practice?

I like to use local produce from my own and other’s gardens for my preserves.

What will you show and share on the day?

Sweet and savory preserves and some take-home recipes. Information about the Jindivick Country Market and community garden.

What's in your veggie patch?

Lots of stuff, and lots of fruit trees as well.

Veggie avatar

Potato, can do lots of things, love being in everything

Where will we find you?

I’ll be at The Mountford Garden
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