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Grass Blue Garden

Emma Wiesenekker’s 2-acre property came with many mature trees, including a beautiful old walnut. She plans to plant more trees for future occupants to enjoy. Emma shares the property with her mum. Emma does most of the food gardening. And her mum is the boss of the ride-on mower.

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In our food garden

Any piece of fruit or berry that survives the parrots is extra sweet. Continuous planting and sowing make the most of a veggie garden. As one thing finishes, another starts, so there’s always something to eat! I’m experimenting with a ‘no dig perennial garden' to fill those hungry in-between-season gaps.

Standout sustainable practices

I create garden beds by sheet mulching - layers of cardboard topped with mulch. Eventually, the mulch rots down, so you don't have to lose any topsoil.

My flock of chickens are great at turning up garden beds at the end of a season. And the ducks are gentle and wonderful free-range slug control during the cooler months. I run a small egg business from my workplace. It contributes to the cost of feed.

I like to make preserves, and I’m learning how to bottle and can. I share produce boxes when I have excess.

Top tip for novice gardeners

I started with greens - silver beet, lettuce, and herbs. These things perish quickly and are expensive in the supermarket. But they’re quick and easy to grow.

Look out for

My rooster when he sneaks up on you from behind... I promise to keep him locked up!

For sale on the day

Veggie avatar

Garlic - a bit slow but catches on in the end. Ha, ha!

1605 Main Neerim Road, Neerim South

There is plenty of verge space off the Main Road in front of the property.

Wheelchair Access, Creative Harvest
Wheelchair Access, Creative Harvest
Coffee, Creative Harvest
Coffee, Creative Harvest
Dogs on a leash, Creative Harvest
Dogs on a leash, Creative Harvest
Bathroom Facilities, Creative Harvest
Bathroom Facilities, Creative Harvest
Picnic Spaces, Creative Harvest
Picnic Spaces, Creative Harvest
Creatives joining us in the garden
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