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Creative Harvest has its moment on ABC Statewide Radio's new breakfast program

A tomato trelliss with a cotton bag around a bunch of green tomatoes to protect them from birds as they ripen.
Fiona share tips on how to protect your ripening tomatoes from birds.

Usually on a Saturday morning, regional Victoria ABC radio listeners hear Matt Preston's (very good) Melbourne morning program. However, a new breakfast radio program designed with regional Victorian listeners in mind had just been created and was launched on Saturday 27th January 2024 - Mornings with Matt Tribe.

The show's producer invited us to dive deep into the realm of green-thumbed enthusiasts and explore our wonderful event. Eagerly responding with a resounding "LOVE TO," we found ourselves on air during Creative Harvest. Kristy Plumridge, Chair of Creative Harvest, and Fiona Kittley from Fiona's Garden in Warragul engaged in a live interview with Matt Tribe.

Fiona's passion for growing her own food, evident in her decision to allocate over 50% of her garden to veggie beds, shone brightly throughout the interview. Tune in to Mornings with Matt Tribe and experience the vibrant world of regional Victoria.

Now, it's your turn to listen in and enjoy the insightful conversation.

Mornings with Matt Tribe Interview Creative Harvest 27.01.24ABC Statewide Radio Victoria


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