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Engage with an (almost) A to Z of amazing creatives

There’s a beekeeper and a winemaker and nearly everyone in between, including – jam makers, jewellers, mosaic makers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, and more. Over thirty gifted Gippsland artists and producers will show and sell their work in fifteen of our region’s loveliest secret gardens.

The creatives for our 2024 event will be announced later on this year. 

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Carrie Dupe Art


Cathy Smith

Visual Artist and Sculptor

I like the creative process. It makes sense of the world for me. Ideas arise and can be given form. In confronting ‘starkness’ by making physically ‘rough’ sculptures, I sense a path to the underlying richness of life.  What else could one ask of ‘art’?

David Doyle


Dawn till Dusk Coffee Van & Events Bar

Coffee, teas and food

Donna’s Treasures


I'm a self-taught jeweller who has learned by 'trial and error.' I began making jewellery in my early twenties (many, many years ago!). My interest in gemstones and jewellery has never left me, and over the years, I have learned many different techniques. As a jeweller, I work mainly in copper, brass, sterling silver, and alpaca. Sometimes I include semi-precious gemstones that I've cut and polished. My experience working with various materials and tools comes in very handy when I'm creating a mosaic.

Elisabeth Smoorenburg

Jeweller & Mosaic Artist

Frustrated with the poor quality of most available garden tools, I decided to test then sell strong, well-designed tools with replacement parts and a solid warranty. I believe in sustainability, so I started Gardenacious to give gardeners an alternative to using poorly made, hard-to-use equipment destined for landfill.


Garden equipment specialists


Custom-made Homewares

Green Hills Farm

Gippsland Garlic

I love making prints on paper in my small Drouin studio. My work celebrates the natural environment and my love of the Australian wilderness.

 As urban development builds up around my hometown of Drouin, I hope my images of our fragile environment raise awareness in others.

Helen Timbury

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Printmaker

I create all-natural skin and hair care products using fresh goat’s milk provided by my small herd of Toggenburg goats at my farm in Jindivick. I replace water with goat’s milk to make vitamin and nutrient-rich skincare products that are highly beneficial for your skin.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram @jindigoats

Jindigo Naturals

Goats milk soap and hair and skin care

Joan Best

Textile Artist

Our wine-making philosophy has its roots in a long and diverse background in agriculture. Few things motivate and delight us more than shepherding each vintage on its journey from soil to table. 

Kouark wine is available at Warragul Farmers Market every third Saturday of the month. 

Find us on Facebook @kouark

Kouark Wines


L & M Espresso Lab

Coffee van

I am a contemporary realist painter who draws inspiration from the natural world. My work is not confined to a specific genre. I continually explore and evolve images and ideas, interweaving what I see with how I feel in the creative moment.

Many of my paintings are held in private international and Australian collections, particularly my studies of Australian birdlife, which push the boundaries between representation and abstraction.

Find me on Instagram @laurelfoenanderart

Laurel Foenander


I grow veggie seedlings and plants in a micro market garden and plant nursery in Hill End. Find me at Eden Hill Garden Nursery at Willow Grove Rd, Hill End.

Follow me on Facebook @edenhillgarden and Instagram @eden_hill_garden

Leni Teng

Vegetable Seedlings, Natural Skin Care


Toy Maker

Marguerite Shalott


Meg's Macarons

Handmade biscuits

My Private Bake


Nev’s Bird House Creations

Hand-made birdhouses and feeders

Nicole Smith Art

Painting, Homewares

I create timber carvings from existing tree stumps and logs. Most of my work is commissioned. I’m passionate about working with timber at its raw state and creating in a realm of endless possibility.

Follow me on Instagram @paulstaffordtreecarver

Paul Stafford

Tree carver

I go to the studio to play. My creative process is all about the emotion and story behind the art. I work intuitively, letting each layer speak to reveal the story beneath. There will be letters in there somewhere. I respond first and think later. I let the pieces talk via a mark, a layer, a large black brushstroke, flowing pen letters, or a colourful paint fest. 

Find me on Facebook @penonparchment and LinkedIn

Pen on Parchment

Calligrapher, Painter

Pepperberry Flora

Ethical flowers

Postcode Hives


Purpleowl Products

Macramé homewares and jewellery


Steel Garden Art

Solace Stone

Hand-painted stone art

Like most spiders, I weave a range of creations. Besides teaching young children, I'm an author, artist, and illustrator. I work in watercolour, acrylics, printmaking, and collage to create bright, bold illustrations for younger readers. 

I also write gripping reads for older readers; that explore friendship, peer pressure, and trust. Try 'Living Next to Dr. Death.' 

I recently expanded my mixed media art to include a decorative calendar and gift card series, printed locally in Drouin using sustainable materials. Last but absolutely not least, I'm a professional artist who makes highly original hair accessories.

Spider Lee

Writer, Illustrator, Artist

TM Ropponen Art

Paintings, Clothing, Homewares

The Place to Be

Coffee and sandwich van

The Saucey Queen

Preserves & Cakes

Between us, we produce a wide variety of work. Oskar's focused on more traditional work, including fireside sets, candlestick holders, candelabras, roses, etc. Paul's sculptures tend to be whimsical and modernistic. He makes lilies and other flowers, horses, and spinning objects. Besides sculpture, Paul enjoys working with Damascus steel and making decorative knives.

Find us on Facebook @wandinblacksmiths and Instagram @the_wandin_blacksmiths

The Wandin Blacksmiths


Tiny Gardener

Indoor plant specialists

Unique Rabbit Designs


Untitled Café

Vegan and gluten-free food

Find us on Facebook @WarragulPoultryClub to learn more about us.

Warragul Poultry Club

Poultry breeders

My work is constructed rather than welded. While I'm drawn to steampunk, my quirk-infused aesthetic is entirely my own. Kick drums and tom-toms turn into coffee tables, a tuba becomes a standard lamp. French oak wine barrels morph into fruit bowls, serving trays and candelabras.

I find making sculptures out of found and recycled materials very satisfying. Repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded makes me feel better about the environment.

Wayne Foenander

Sculptor and Art Courier

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