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Behind our brand-new image

Feast your eyes on this website or scan our flyer, and you’ll get a sense of Creative Harvest’s earthy, playful, life-affirming spirit.


Interested in how that spirit helped us evolve as sustainability champions with a prime spot in Gippsland’s annual events calendar? Read our short history. 

Curious about how our brand evolved? Read on.


2021 - a watershed moment 

Creative Harvest attracted a record number of visitors in 2021. City dwelling and regional Victorians flocked to our gardens to explore earth-friendly ways to grow their own food. 


We realised that humans were hungry for events like ours.  Creative Harvest visitors were keenly aware of the environmental and health benefits of food gardening. They talked about the impact of COVID on how they felt and thought about belonging in a community and being creative.

The Creative Harvest Committee saw that the time was ripe for taking our event to the next level as:

  • a catalyst for showing curious humans how very possible it is to create a thriving food garden

  • a celebration of community connectedness and creativity in all its forms


In short, we had lots to share. So we assembled a diverse, determined bunch of talented Gippslanders and got to work on creating a fresh new brand.

About our branding bunch

As you’ll discover when you visit our gardens, Gippsland is flush with fab creatives.

These four skilful, generous people were at the heart of our rebranding project:

  • Wendy Savage is Creative Harvest’s Coordinator and Chair of the Baw Baw Sustainability Network’s (BBSN) Creative Harvest Committee. She’s a veritable force of nature when it comes to getting things done. With Wendy at the helm, the committee has championed the rebrand and garnered widespread community support for the project

  • Helen Timbury is a graphic designer, printmaker, and loyal resident Creative Harvest artist. She hand drew our lovely logo and website illustrations. A green shoot pays perfect homage to BBSN’s logo. Her joyful, quirky images embody Creative Harvest’s sense of festive fun

  • Steb Fisher is the Gippsland-based photographer who captured the particular magic of each of our gardens

  • Kristy Plumridge from Green Hills Farm brought her decades of marketing know-how to the table

It takes a village to raise a child, even a digitally created one. So, this team of aces was backed by members of the Baw Baw Sustainability Network, the Creative Harvest Committee, and a legion of lovely supportive locals


Last but not least, two talented honorary Gippslanders helped put flesh on our new brand’s digital bones.  


Veronica Ferraro, Creative Director at More Than Your Brand in Melbourne, designed and built our exquisite website. Her palette of lush, earth-toned colours and artisanal fonts complement Helen’s hand-drawn images. Her site design mirrors a garden layout and invites us to enter and explore.  

Mary Cameron, aka The Wrinkly Writer, a kiwi copywriter based in France, whipped up the words. 

CH_flowers and fruit.png
Brand Development

A catalyst and a celebration ...

Many of our 650 visitors in 2021 were keen to join around 4.7 million Australian households (around 52%), growing part of what they eat with their own hands.

In January 2022, we look forward to welcoming, delighting, and inspiring many more aspiring gardeners and admirers of creative work of all kinds. 

Creative Harvest celebrates the ingenuity, creativity, and deep green credentials of our Gippsland community. 

Graphics_web_green sprout.png
Come and join us. We’d love to see you.
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