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Adele began work on her garden in 2001 as a shared labour of love with her late husband. She now cares for her 2.5-acres of veggie garden, stone fruit orchard, and berry beds on her own at weekends and after work.

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In our food garden

My staples include Asparagus, chard, cucumbers, lettuce, brassicas, onions, and beetroot. Alpine strawberries are the easiest to grow and yummiest.

I supply my children's families with eggs and share fruit with my colleagues at work. I offer surplus citrus to my neighbour, who loves making marmalade.

Standout sustainable practices

Heavy mulch helps to minimise weeding. I only use my compost for non-food plants because I recycle cat litter into the compost boxes.

Top tip for novice gardeners

Don't panic. Some things grow just fine if left on their own.

Look out for

An underground water tank with a submersible pump to manage and distribute winter rain.
NOTE: If you are sensitive to bee stings, please beware of the beehive.

For sale on the day

Veggie avatar

Kale. Everybody grows it for health, but no one eats it.

57 Darnum-Allambee Road, Darnum

There is very limited onsite parking, but it is OK to park on the roadside.

There are no steps or stairs, and the paths are wide enough for a wheelbarrow, so most likely wheelchair accessible. Children must be supervised due to a beehive and two frog and fishponds.

Wheelchair Access, Creative Harvest
Wheelchair Access, Creative Harvest
Coffee, Creative Harvest
Coffee, Creative Harvest
Dogs on a leash, Creative Harvest
Dogs on a leash, Creative Harvest
Bathroom Facilities, Creative Harvest
Bathroom Facilities, Creative Harvest
Picnic Spaces, Creative Harvest
Picnic Spaces, Creative Harvest
Creatives joining us in the garden
Alene Bonser
Jenny Peterson
Purple Patch Seedlings
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