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15 Tips for growing your edible gardening mindset

Be patient, persistent, flexible, and curious.

Besides fonts of green-fingered knowledge on sustainable gardening practices, our gardeners have some great 'right thought, right action' advice for growing your green gardening mindset.

Lady wearing blue overalls and a hat, bending over and tending to garden beds
The Edge - Past Creative Harvest Garden

9 Ways to get your green gardener's mind on

'Don't panic. Some things grow just fine if left on their own.'

Adele Kellett, Darna Garden

'Just begin. Gardens are incredibly forgiving.'

Mark and Helen Wilson, Monkey Gully

'Start small and try things out. Get thrifty, self-seeding perennial veggies from friends. You'll be surprised how your garden will expand.'

Wendy and Ken Savage, Eurabbie

'Don't be afraid to adapt and change. Even if you've put a lot of effort into designing and planting your garden, if something's just not working, don't be afraid to assess what you've achieved, what you could improve, or even start all over again!'

Nicole and Matt Driessen, Our One Acre Life

'Give it time. A garden is very rewarding even when it doesn't work. It took me three years to get a feel for what to plant, when and what the soil needed.'

Jessie McLellan, Jessie's Garden

'Read books and magazines, watch YouTube and gardening shows and go to open gardens. See what other people are doing and ask questions. Start with 'easy' veggies like lettuce, herbs, zucchini, and pumpkins.'

Fiona Kittelty, Fiona's Garden

'Join a gardening group and ask lots of questions.'

Helen Genomi-Farnham, Helen’s Garden

'Grow 'organically' by learning from your mistakes.'

Jim and Carole Lewis, Fine Feathers Hobby Farmlet

'Never give up.'

Mhorag and Glenn Chenoweth, Hargrel Garden

6 Mindful messages from former Creative Harvesters

Inside of a greenhouse

'Start small and grow the vegetables you love to eat.'

Anita Day, Vue at Jindivick

'Don't be scared! Ask experienced gardeners for help and support.'

Kristy Plumridge, Green Hills Farm

'Just start! Because everything is rewarding!! Follow gardening accounts and form gardening friendships.'

Holly Harrap, Our Little Patch

'Don't waste time growing things that you won't eat! Think about the veggies and fruit you love, especially the costliest ones to buy, then start growing your own.'

Krista Mountford, The Montford Garden

'Plants don't care how straight your garden borders are.'

Jude Conway, The Edge

'Good gardening is 90% observation and 10% perspiration.'

Janet Wyllie, Urban Farm

Famous last words

‘In gardens it's not just plants and insects and microbes that grow. People grow too, and the best bit is that they don't realise it's happening. It just happens.’

Costa Georgiadis, Australian landscape architect and host of Gardening Australia on ABC

Curious about Creative Harvest's origins and ethos? Read a short history


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