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Elisabeth Smoorenburg

Jeweller & Mosaic Artist

Elisabeth Smoorenburg

Elisabeth is a self-taught jeweller who works mainly in copper, brass, and sterling silver. Sometimes she includes semi-precious gemstones that she’s cut and polished. Elisabeth has learned many techniques over the years, and her experience working with various materials and tools comes in very handy when she’s creating a mosaic.

About my work

I'm a self-taught jeweller who has learned by 'trial and error.' I began making jewellery in my early twenties (many, many years ago!). My interest in gemstones and jewellery has never left me, and over the years, I have learned many different techniques. As a jeweller, I work mainly in copper, brass, sterling silver, and alpaca. Sometimes I include semi-precious gemstones that I've cut and polished. My experience working with various materials and tools comes in very handy when I'm creating a mosaic.

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Is there a link between gardening and your creative practice?

Gardens and nature in general inspire me, and flowers regularly feature in my art.

What will you show and share on the day?

I'll be demonstrating jewellery making, and I'll have some of my mosaics on display.

What's in your veggie patch?

Potatoes, tomatoes, corn, peas, snow peas, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, onions, carrots, asparagus, silver beet, and herbs. My orchard grows apples, pears, nashis, cherries, oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, passionfruit, mulberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Yum! And there are several beehives for honey and to pollinate all the fruits and veggies!

Veggie avatar

A tomato, colourful and fresh.

Where will we find you?

I'll be with at Urban Farm
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